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Welcome to Connect with Art!


Looking for ways to connect your child with art? Send your child to the magical world of Connect with Art, where your child will be transformed into the most famous artists from around the world! Located in Takoma Park, we offer art workshops, art classes, and private art lessons during the school year, and also summer art camps.


Your child will have lots of fun learning how to use various techniques such as drawing upside down to trick the brain to see the artwork differently. Your child will develop their creativity with Vincent Van Gogh, and diverse artists like Jacob Lawrence and Frida Khalo --the possibilities are endless! They will use many mediums including clay, wood items to build or paint. They will use watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels, chalk and a variety of other materials and experiment to create.


The Master artists covered in our art workshops, art classes and summer art camps are purposely chosen not only for the cultural diversity that they bring but also for their various art styles such as Sumi-e (Katsushika Hokusai, Japanese) , Realism/Surrealism (Frida Kahlo, Mexican), Dynamic Cubism (Jacob Lawrence, African American), and Impressionism (Edgar Degas, French).


Connect your child with a fantastic experience at Connect With Art and register your child today!

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